- Le Phare et Nôtre Dame des Amoureux
#Route du phare. Nôtre Dame des Amoureux: 04 93 61 57 63.

- The Garoupe lighthouse and Notre Dame des Amoureux chapel

At the top of Cap d'Antibes, you will find a charming little square surrounded by pine trees, the lighthouse and the Notre Dame des Amoureux chapel.

This is a very ancient spiritual place, dating from the 5th century, with the beginning of the St. Helena cult. Inside you will see lovely statues, some interesting paintings and a remarkable collection of votive offerings.

The lighthouse of Cap d'Antibes is one of the most powerful ones of the French Riviera.


From here you can enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, Cap d'Antibes, Iles de Lerins , Baie de Cannes, Juan les Pins, Antibes with its old ramparts, and the Baie de La Garoupe.



The lighthouse is open to the public and it is possible to climb to the most beautiful view of Cap d'Antibes.

Vue panoramique du Phare

Vue panoramique du sommet du phare.

Les Plages.
#Cap d'Antibes :

Cap d'Antibes, Baie de La Garoupe (private beaches and one small public beach), Juan les Pins : Bd du Maréchal Juin (plages publiques), Bd Guillaumont (plages privées), Antibes : La Salis, Bd James Wyllie (plages publiques), Place de la Gravette, quai Rambaud (plage publique).


- Le Chemin des Contrebandiers.
#The Chemin des Contrebandiers (smugglers' trail)

This trail starts at the end of La Garoupe, right after the beaches. Take the Tirepoil path.



It's one of the most enjoyable walking areas during your stay in Cap d'Antibes. Starting at the end of Baie de La Garoupe, this walk follows a charming and relatively wild trail surrounding the Cap. Lost between sky and sea, you will walk between exotic gardens of magnificent mansions and the dark blue Mediterranean Sea, with its waves washing the numerous rocky coves.

The tour lasts about 1h30, and if not really difficult it is quite uneven at some places and a good physical condition and good shoes are highly recommended, particularly during the hot summer season.

Le Chemin des Contrebandiers
Le Chemin des ContrebandiersLa beauté et l'aspect sauvage du chemin des contrebandiers.



Streets of Cap d'Antibes
#Boulevard Gardiole BaconAvenue de l'AntiquitéBoulevard Nôtre DameAvenue des Pins du Cap.

You might enjoy a walk through the beautiful streets of Cap d'Antibes, admire the magnificent dwellings hidden by pine trees and other exotic plants, with a dark blue Mediterranean Sea backcloth.

Les rues du Cap d'AntibesStreets of Cap d'Antibes.




The Bay of Garoupe.
Vue de la Baie de la Garoupeview of the Bay of Garoupe.

- Jardin Thuret

#Bd du Cap, Cap d'Antibes, 04 93 67 88 00

Open from Monday to Friday.

If you want to see exotic plants in a garden paradise, this is exactly the place to go!

Thuret Gardens were founded in 1865 when the famous botanist Thuret bought land and began to plant and study reported around the world exotic species. Today, Thuret gardens have become an important agricultural center. 


- Villa Eilenroc.

#Av Mrs Beaumont, Cap d'Antibes, 04 93 67 74 33

Open only on Wednesdays, except in July and August. From 9h to 17h. Free entry.

One of the most beautiful residences in Cap d'Antibes, acquired by the municipality and open to the public for tours.


- Naval and Napoleonic Museum

#Kennedy Avenue, Cap d'Antibes, 04 93 61 45 32, daily from 9.30am to 12am and from 14h15 to 18h except Saturday afternoons, Sundays, and October.

Located in a beautiful park, the Naval museum houses a collectionof Napoleonic ship models, paintings as well as some of Napoleon's personal memories and family maritime objects. 


- The view from Antibes

#From Antibes towards Juan les Pins, take Boulevard de Bacon, East side of Cap d'Antibes along the coast.


You will have a beautiful view of Antibes with its ramparts. During winter, the dark blue sea offers a striking contrast with the snow-covered Southern Alps on the background. Admiring the view, Guy de Maupassant, one of the greatest connoisseurs of the Mediterranean, found that he had never seen anything so beautiful. There are enough coves to stop to have a rest, enjoying the view, under the shade of pine trees.